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FYI: Out and About in Lincoln.

For those of you that live in Lincoln and around, I’m hoping you’d be glad to know that we’ve got pictures up.

The College of Journalism and Mass Communications has put together an exhibit of over 50 photographs taken in Zambia by Professor Bruce Mitchell and myself at the Rotunda Gallery in the Union. The exhibit is called Zambia: Hope and Happiness. It is a rather captivating array of shots.
You are welcome to check out the exhibit and to attend the reception (11am, Friday 9/25). Please note that the pictures will be up till late saturday night 9/26 (sorry for the late notice). There will be more opportunities to see the pictures in the future and I can let you know as they arrive.

Come Enjoy! … know you want to 🙂

P.S. Sign the guest book. please!


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So, promised and delivered. Even more new pictures on the Characters page. Enjoy! Let me know which ones you like and what you think.

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OH yeah! More pictures!!

More pictures from a recent foray into rural Zambia. Can’t lie, I now have new favorites. I went with my friends and took some pictures around their farm and later when I showed them the pictures, they were quite surprised and wanted copies.

It’s cool to be able to show people a familiar place in a new light!

so far I’ve just uploaded on the clouds and trees page but more characters coming soon.

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on a roll

even more new pictures “of clouds and trees” [].


P.S. Please let me know what you think!

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more pictures!

I’ve posted some more pictures on the “characters” page check them out here:


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I would like to know why, seeing as we are all now a rather advanced global society, the internet can not be fast everywhere!!!!

I’ve been wanting to upload videos on facebook that I have taken since having been here and I wanted to surf from page to page in a timely fashion, post pictures I’ve taken documenting my experiences (so far, I think I’ve taken about 100 on Bruce’s camera which is waaaayyyyy nicer than mine and about 412 on my camera and that’s not counting the 20-30 pictures I took yesterday afternoon when I got to return to house I grew up in.

So if the pictures are lacking, it’s not from a lack of desire and far less still, not from a lack of effort.

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about pictures

I’ve posted some pictures (a few) but it’s a bit tedious the method I’m using and so I’ll work on putting them in a slide show and hopefully posting them to the site.

If I wake up early enough tomorrow then I’ll post about our first day of filming today.


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