In Pictures: …of trees and clouds

[07.01.09] More pictures from a recent foray into rural Zambia. I am actually rather excited by some of these shots.


[06.17.09] I am amazed at the vividness of the Zambian landscape. I have done absolutely nothing to these pictures, as you see it, so they appear in real life.

I may have gone a bit overboard with the clouds, I think that I was overtaken with how beautiful they looked. If it’s any comfort you’re only getting just a taste. There are still many more pictures of clouds taking up space on my laptop.





guy on a bicycle waving at dusk


 first african sundown


I don’t think that trees should be this fascinating….


more trees….


the sun dances on the horizon amidst it’s descent into the night


nature’s brilliance


I just like this picture. I like the brightness of the sun


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    […] In Pictures: …of trees and clouds […]

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    […] In Pictures: …of trees and clouds […]

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    seanfraser said,

    love the pics , like you I go over board when it come to pics of the sky and clouds

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