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The power was out AGAIN today. From just before noon till 7.30 pm.  What on earth????

I wish I was making this stuff up. Honestly, I do. The good thing however, is that I was out for most of the afternoon. The bad thing, we’ve only just started to prepare dinner and I am hungry!


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I apparently haven’t had enough

The lights went out again tonight. Actually about 30 mins into sundown, just as we absolutely needed electricity ZESCO (Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation) decided to make me even more appreciative of a steady reliable stream of electricity. The power was out for about 4 hours but luckily it came back on.

I am so glad I got a laptop that has +6hrs battery power. Seriously.

P.S. water was out for most of the day but came back in the evening. Just can’t take anything for granted.

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I would like to know why, seeing as we are all now a rather advanced global society, the internet can not be fast everywhere!!!!

I’ve been wanting to upload videos on facebook that I have taken since having been here and I wanted to surf from page to page in a timely fashion, post pictures I’ve taken documenting my experiences (so far, I think I’ve taken about 100 on Bruce’s camera which is waaaayyyyy nicer than mine and about 412 on my camera and that’s not counting the 20-30 pictures I took yesterday afternoon when I got to return to house I grew up in.

So if the pictures are lacking, it’s not from a lack of desire and far less still, not from a lack of effort.

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lost and found and opened with a kitchen knife

South African Airways lost one of my bags last night and so I had to return to the airport today to see it it had made he next flight and retrieve it. It had! It was the box with some printers for my dada nd some of the gifts and bags that we had put together for our [filming] subjects as well as for some of theb dignitaries that we would be meeting.

Lucky for me when we got to the airport, I was the only one allowed to the storage area in the back and so I had to clear customs by myself while last night we had a university representative mention that we were here on official business and we breezed through customs, I didn’t even talk to anyone about anything.

But no today, all alone I had to face the “mob.” They made me open my box (cardboard UHaul moving box) that was sealed with incomparable strapping tape with the commpon exceedingly dull table knife. I got blunt knife end burns on my hands :-(. After asking me a series of questions concerning our intended purposes for the contents of the box, they let me wait a number of mintues before telling me that I could go. Standing by they watched me heft a large 24 x 18 x 20 (in inches) box off their examination table and onto my cart.

Thanks for all the help fellas. Chivalry is indeed dead.

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